Card game co-created by local games group picked up for full release as The Banishing

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24 October 2016
1500x1500_de127744a1a54e5d9ca09bc12249dffc25de820bd4a6f704d7fb70e5-95874.jpg The Banishing appears to be a rebranded and tweaked version of The Ritual
Sean Rumble’s fantasy title, formerly known as The Ritual, sees players gathering spells to send the forces of evil back through the void

Publisher WizKids has dropped a surprise announcement for a new fantasy card game designed by Sean Rumble with the help of his local games group.

The Banishing pops players in the shoes of spell-casting guardians tasked with beating back the advancing forces of evil undead who are spewing forth from a mysterious void. Three to five players pick up cards to combine into spells and work together to overcome the darkness in around 45 minutes.

It’s a very similar concept to a print-and-play game posted on BGG by Rumble last year, called The Ritual. That game also featured co-operative card-combining mechanics themed around demons emerging from a void. Some differences – beyond the name – include dropping the number of maximum players to five from six and slight tweaks to the cards and theme.

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It looks like WizKids has picked up the game for a full release, which is currently planned for May 2017. In the box will be 98 cards and eight character sheets, at a US price of $20. Thanks for the heads up, ICv2.


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