Call of Cthulhu’s original designer has put out a collection of previously unpublished scenarios for the horror RPG

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04 December 2017
Unknown-63002.jpeg Call of Cthulhu: Petersen’s Abominations
Sandy Petersen designed the five adventures as one-off convention events

Sandy Petersen, the original creator of Call of Cthulhu, has collected five of his previously unpublished scenarios for the Lovecraftian roleplaying game in a new anthology.

The one-shot adventures in Petersen’s Abominations were created by the designer to be run at various conventions since the RPG’s release in 1980, and apparently existed as little more than “woolly notes” and rough outlines before being spruced up for the collection with the help of current Call of Cthulhu line editor Mike Mason.

All five of the scenarios are set in the modern day and include pre-made investigators to use across one or more play sessions. Although the adventures can be played individually, the book includes guidelines on adding them into an existing campaign.

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The stories themselves range from ‘Panacea’, a medical mystery about the dark truth of a new drug, to ‘Voice on the Phone’, a tale revolving around gang culture.

Petersen’s Abominations is out as a digital PDF already, with a physical edition set for release early in 2018.

Call of Cthulhu studio Chaosium has also confirmed that future ‘Tales of Sandy Petersen’ collections are planned to appear in the future – with the designer having seemingly created one or two such one-off scenarios every year that could appear in official releases.


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