Call of Cthulhu: Sun Spots scenario hits Kickstarter after nearly a decade of work

19 September 2016
sun-spots-65523.jpg Sun Spots takes place in 1920s New England
RPG writer and editor Keith ‘Doc’ Herber helped refine 1920s-set campaign from 2007 until his death in 2009
Call of Cthulhu: Sun Spots scenario hits Kickstarter after nearly a decade of work Images

Gju’nsh rluh’cuk fgli’ad ca’ghnj Cthulhu! (Hooray, there’s a new Call of Cthulhu scenario on the way!)

Dave Sokolowski, the creator of the Kickstarted Cthulhu Dark campaign He Who Laughs Last, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his latest addition to another Lovecraftian RPG, Call of Cthulhu.

According to Dave, he originally came up with the concept for Sun Spots back in 2007, which he pitched to noted writer and editor for the RPG Keith ‘Doc’ Herber for the latter’s upcoming The Outer Gods book.

Dave and Keith continued to collaborate on the scenario for a year and a half, until Keith sadly passed away in 2009.

Almost seven years on – and close to a decade since Dave originally came up with the idea – Sun Spots is now reportedly close to 28,000 words in length, offering a campaign that will last around eight to ten hours for three to six players.

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Set in 1920s New England, the story supports Call of Cthulhu’s ruleset, as well as the updated 7th Edition rules.

Sun Spots has already passed its $5,000 funding target on Kickstarter, sitting close to $9,000 at the time of writing with 20 days left to run. $10 nets you a digital copy of the scenario, with $30 grabbing a softcover version and $70 upgrading to hardback.

The book includes art from Jason Eckhardt, Reuben Dodd, Caleb Cleveland and Chris Huth, as well as maps from Jake Coolidge.

“This scenario has been around a long time and I really want to get it into your hands, to finally realise Doc's vision,” said Dave.

“I want the book to look and feel like the Cthulhu gaming books of the 1980-90s, specifically in the vein of Escape from Innsmouth, which Kevin Ross and Doc created with a host of talented artists and writers. Most importantly, I want this book to be something Doc would love.”

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