Cakes & Ladders Crowdfunding Needs You

21 April 2020
Get on board with helping the board game bus

Just over a year ago, we spoke to Cakes & Ladders, a one-of-a-kind London board game café set within a big red double decker bus (that at night converts into Earth Tap, the taproom for Earth Ale Brewery). Run by some lovely people, with additional focus on creating a space for community and wellbeing, this has been a fast favourite amongst board gamers.


However, COVID-19 has affected small businesses hugely, and unfortunately Cakes & Ladders with Earth Tap is facing the threat of permanent closure as a result of it.


Cakes & Ladders rightly refuse to go quietly though, and given their community ethos and spirit, they’ve launched a crowd funding campaign with a reward system, and are asking for your help to raise the funds they need to prevent closure.


Think Kickstarter rewards, but on a bus with board games and/or food or drink. Sounds great!


Rewards include a coffee at £3, a pint at £6 (which, at London prices, is a bargain in itself…), High Tea for Two at £13, a board game lunch deal for two at £20, and more.

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This means you’re not only doing a good deed, but getting the chance to check it out when normality resumes too!


Feel like splashing the cash? It’s £50 for a membership card that gets you free board game entry and 10% off of café drinks for a year, £70 for the ‘Ultimate Time in Survival Pack’, which is a mixed six pack of Earth Ale Brews and a selection of mini board games, £150 for a private hosted board game party for 20 at yours, up to its highest tier of £1,500 – which gets you a private bus party.


You can take a look at the Shop Spotlight from we spoke to Cakes & Ladders last year by clicking here, or you can check out their website here.


Finally, if you want to help, you’ll find their crowd funder by clicking here!



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