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17 November 2021
Are you ready to show off your moves? Get your dancing shoes on with this funky card game of hilarious missteps from Ridley’s Games!

(We promise – no rhythm needed, and not much dancing required!)


When we were in the early stages of designing Disco Balls, we were thinking that it would be fun to get people up on their feet with a card game. We wanted to add a slightly more interactive element to the gameplay, something we’ve not really done in our previous games. This initial concept then boogied up very well with the far out disco trend, and that’s how Disco Balls came to be!


When the 'DJ' shouts Disc-go!, each player simultaneously plays the top card from their hand, and when a matching pair of dance moves is revealed, make sure you're the first to bust the right move! The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner (and dancing queen!).



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Whether you're channeling your Travolta vibes, sinking to the floor doing the Swim, or getting on down with one of the other moves, this is a dance party that will keep you on your toes and that's fun for the whole family!


In classic Ridley’s style, of course we also pay close attention to detail when it comes to the overall design of the game. All of the dance cards are brilliantly illustrated with vibrant neon colors – and come packaged in a groovy disco ball tin!

This is a great light filler game to play to get the group loosened up before you dive into your favorite tabletop game, or to play during a break in the middle of a long one. It’s perfect for families and groups of friends, suitable for ages 8+, 3 to 6 players, and has an average of 15 minutes gameplay. And with the environment in mind, the game cards are printed on FSC paper and with vegetable inks!


If you’re too lazy to read the instructions, we have our amazing how-to-play video ready to save the day!


The game is available now!


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