Business (nearly) as usual: lockdown deals & donations amid COVID-19

22 March 2020
Support local retailers online with our crowd-sourced list of board game shops

It’s a weird time, with everything that’s going on with Covid-19. But people are still playing tabletop games. In fact, some might say that coronavirus has increased the number of people turning to analogue games. A recent report in Toy News suggested that one retailer saw a 62% surge in sales as people prepare for self-isolation.


We have already provided a few lists to get you started:


And if that’s not enough, our regular Top 10’s should fill in most of the gaps, here are a few to keep you going:




But, now that you know exactly what you want to play. Where can you get these games? Many shops are choosing to close their doors amid coronavirus fears. Regular gaming clubs have ceased to meet, and even the largest online retailers like Amazon have said that they won’t be shipping non-essential items in the worst effected countries in Europe (Italy, France). It’s easy to imagine that this would be the case in the UK too. (And while we believe that tabletop gaming is entirely essential, we’re not sure it’s going to wash!)


And so, here’s our big list of retailers offering lockdown deals, special purchases, free shipping or just generally keeping the lights on somehow.


Where to buy board games during COVID-19 self-isolation?

It’s worth mentioning here our store is still online and ready to take orders. We have a large selection of games from our Best Games of 2019 issue (which you can still grab, the games don’t go off or anything!). Browse the Tabletop Gaming Games store here


Japanime Games

The publishers Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade and the Robotech board games is now offering to donate 50% of any orders made on their site to a local game store of your choice. If you have a local store you want to support, and you need some weird anime-inflected entertainment on your tabletop, there’s no better way. Just comment on your order with the shop you want to support, and they’ll work out the rest. The offer is “good for however long it takes for us to get out of this mess”



Chaosium have been offering PDFs in advance of many of their book releases for some time now, so you know it’s a safe bet to order from the Call of Cthulhu publishers. However, they’ve also done something kind of cute in making the Call of Cthulhu colouring book free to download. You’ll have to print it yourself, but please feel free to get in touch on Twitter with any colouring you (or indeed, your own unspeakable monsters you may be looking after) has completed.



The creators of a huge range of games, from the currently pre-orderable Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms and RPGs like Vampire: the Masquerade is offering free shipping on all orders over £150 (use GAMESUNITED for UK, EU, US, and AUNZZA for South Africa, New Zealand and Australia). They have also pointed out that because of the dropping pound EU and US buyers are likely to see a saving.


Czech Games Edition

The creators of Codenmaes and Sanctum are offering their digital versions of Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker at 50% off. All proceeds will go to the COVID-19 Response fund.

Galaxy Trucker: | Through the Ages:


Wayland Games

The team at Wayland are offering 20% off a lot of their Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, including whole grey Wolf battalions and Sisters of Battle sets.


Cubicle 7

The RPG publisher is keeping the lights on and fulfilment of orders continues as normal. The cannot current fulfil to China, Japan, Argentina, Oman, Taiwan, Bahrain, Mongolia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Korea, Libya, Djibouti, Kuwait and Ukraine. Postal delays can be expected in many other countries – but they will likely get to you eventually. Not that it matters too much, as all Cubicle 7 RPG orders come with a free PDF, so you can get started right away while you’re ‘working from home’.



50% off core games, 25% of Walking Dead booster packs – and will be putting up new content every evening at 6pm to help us all through this difficult time. Tune in!



The Bolt Action creators have made sure that if you’re staying in, you can paint. Shipping is continuing as normal for the time being, and it’s probably a good time to pick up some more brushes and paint – you may even actually finish painting that army.


The Dice Box, Lemington Spa

Keeping the lights on for the time being with an online shop full of carefully curated games.


Mutant Dice Games, Merseyside

Free same day local delivery and free delivery on UK orders over £50.


The Board Game Hut, Essex

While they have taken the decision to close their doors, they're still taking orders through the website for as long as they're able to.


Rubicon Models

Something for wargamers here, with Rubicon Models offering great 'isolation deals' on tanks. Tanks a lot!



Staying safe is one thing, but keeping your minis and models safe is entirely another. Isolate your armies in luxurious battlefoam 25% - 45% OFF Bags and Foam, 15% OFF All Magna Rack Bags and Kits FREE SHIPPING on orders over £150. March 25 – March 29.


Meeple Games, Durham

Still taking orders online, with a nice mix of games (including the extremely fun Chariot of the Gods scenario for the Alien RPG)


Spirit Games, Burton on Trent

The shop may be closed, but as this store has been running since 1984, they are taking mail and phone orders.


Board & Dice

The games store is not only running a series of #StayAtHome sales – with 50% off games like Inuit, World Shapers and Dust in the Wings. They're also offering a Print and Play series for $5.


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