Burning Games reveals new Faith RPG setting and sci-fi sports spin-off for 2017

10 January 2017
C1vMiuqXAAAg3qn-36979.jpg Faith: Core Book, Dragons Conquer America and Corball: The Zero Gravity Sport
Dragons Conquer America takes sci-fi roleplaying title back to the 16th century

Faith publisher Burning Games has announced its line-up of releases for this year, including a new historical adventure for the Kickstarted sci-fi RPG and a brand new futuristic sports board game set in the universe.

2017 will kick off with the launch of Faith’s Core Book on Kickstarter in March, comprising a 300-plus-page hardcover volume with additional narratives, characters and world building tools for the game.

Towards the end of the year, the company will return to the crowdfunding site for Dragons Conquer America, a setting for Faith which rewinds the game’s futuristic setting back to an alternate 16th century, where dragons and other mythological creatures are encountered by explorers in America and Spain, in line with the period’s Age of Discovery.

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The final announcement for the year is Corball: The Zero Gravity Sport, a board game based on the eponymous fictional sci-fi sport found in the Faith universe. Two teams, represented by miniatures, orbit around satellites and battle for control of a ball. The board will apparently be modular, changing between rounds and presenting dangers such as incoming asteroids.

Although Corball’s release date remains TBA, Burning Games added that it had been developing the title “for a long time, making sure it’s the game we exactly want it to be”.

“Seeing the reactions of our playtesters, we have the feeling that that day is approaching quickly,” it concluded.


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