Burgle Bros and Paperback are coming to PC in the next few weeks

13 November 2017
Burgle_screenshot-33917.png Burgle Bros
Digitised Tim Fowers games will include updates from mobile versions

Co-op heist game Burgle Bros and deckbuilding spell-a-thon (and one of our absolute favourite word games) Paperback are headed to PC.

Designed by Tim Fowers, who has created spin-offs of both games in the forms of Fugitive and Hardback, the two games are already available on iOS and Android mobile devices, with Burgle Bros arriving just a few months ago.

Confirming the PC ports on the Fowers Games blog, Justin Bell added that the asynchronous multiplayer mode added to Paperback’s mobile version earlier this year would be part of the upcoming Steam release.

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Not much was said about potential changes being made to Burgle Bros for its PC iteration, other than the promise that Ryan Goldsberry’s artwork, which already looked fantastic on the tabletop and on small screens, looks just as good as ever.

As for release dates, the only detail so far is that both games will be arriving on Steam “in the next few weeks”.


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