Bring some madness to your RPG campaign with these Lovecraft-themed dice in spell books

09 March 2017
7b64d68028c2e9ad4477e083c5ceba5e_original-30356.jpg Elder Dice
Three different sets of Elder Dice available in magnetised cases

‘tis the season to crowdfund Lovecraft-themed dice for roleplaying games, it seems.

Last week we reported on an official set of Call of Cthulhu metal dice coming from the combined forces of Chaosium and Q Workshop, and now Lovecraft and tabletop fan and artist David LeRocca has decided to launch his own dice sets based on the Cthulhu Mythos.

Unlike the Call of Cthulhu set, the Elder Dice are plastic and available in three different variations: branded with either the tentacled mug of Cthulhu itself, a classic eldritch star sign or the branchlike Lovecraft elder sign.

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In a nice touch, the sets also come with a magnetised storage case dressed up to look like a spell book and customised to match each design.

Each set includes a d4, d8, d10, d12, d10, three d6 and a ten-sided percentile die and can be bought alone for $19 (£16) (plus postage) or in a collector’s set for $69 (£57), which throws in an extra set of three d6s in each design. Delivery is expected this August.

The campaign has raised an impressive $106,000 (£87,000) so far, with close to three weeks left to go.


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