Brigade Models releases Imperial Skies rulebook to non-Kickstarter backers

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26 September 2016
BookShips-88439.jpg Imperial Skies supports Brigade's Aeronef minis, as well as custom craft
19th century air combat wargame raised £7,000 in late 2015

Imperial Skies, the crowdfunded aerial wargame from Brigade Models, can now be played by everybody.

The title raised just over £7,000 in November 2015 and was originally planned to land on backers’ doorsteps in April 2016.

After some delays and challenges, the game finally shipped in August, with Brigade now making the 117-page rulebook available to non-backers through its website.

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The game takes place at the close of the 19th and open of the 20th century. It makes use of most of the company’s existing 15mm Aeronef miniatures, as well as including rules for custom aircraft and vehicles from other minis makers.

Brigade has released turn rulers for the title, which can be printed off and cut out to use or purchased in acrylic. Dice with the Imperial Skies logo are also on their site.


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