Board Game Worlds art book is a beautiful celebration of tabletop illustration

14 March 2019
board-game-worlds-74708.jpg Board Game Worlds
Featuring artwork from Dinosaur Island, Western Legends and more

A new book is taking a look at the talent, skill and vision that goes into creating artwork for board games.

Board Game Worlds is an art book written by Erin Dean that will showcase illustrations from ten of the tabletop’s most prominent artists, as well as diving into the creation of the visuals for a number of games.

Among the recent games mentioned as appearing in the tome are Dinosaur Island (illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya, Peter Wocken and Anthony Wocken), Everdell (Andrew Bosley), Ex Libris (Jacqui Davis, Adam P. McIver and Anita Osburn), Nations (Ossi Hiekkala, Jere Kasanen, Paul Laane and Frida Lögdberg) and Western Legends (Roland MacDonald).

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The book’s blurb promises that it won’t just be a feast for the eyes, but will include a series of interviews with the artists involved about how they developed the look of each game.

Dean previously self-published For the Love of Board Games, in which she spoke with designers including Matt ‘Pandemic’ Leacock, Jamey ‘Scythe’ Stegmaier and Richard ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Garfield about the process of creating gameplay.

Board Game Worlds will be published by Renegade, the board game publisher behind Clank!, Raiders of the North Sea and more, in late 2019.


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