Blacklist Games Announce Contra: The Board Game

28 July 2020
Infiltrate. Eliminate. Survive.

Blacklist Games, alongside Kess Co., have announced Contra: The Board Game, set in Konami's iconic Contra video game series. Within it, you'll pick from four elite Contra commandos, seeking to thwart the Red Falcon Army's plans for World Domination. The game is designed by Adam and Brady Sadler (who you may recognise from Street Masters, and Heroes of Terrinoth). 


The plan is to race against time to reach the deadly boss - only the environment is littered with hazards and minions. There'll be new and impressive weapons to find scattered across the battlefield however, and accomplishing the objectives increases your likelihood of winning against the end boss. Driven by dice and cards (which you can combine to create different game experiences), you'll have to weigh up how much you push your luck, for whilst it's described as a "cooperative game of run-and-gun", using solely this approach may expose you to further attacks from the enemy.   

The video game was once rated one of the toughest games to beat, and it's interesting to see a solo mode possible within the board game when Contra was originally so well praised for its dual play. Of course, we expect differences between the media, but it means we have some curiosity as to how this will play out in the analogue game. 

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The game is for 1-4 players, and takes between 45-120 minutes to play. It will contain eight highly detailed miniatures, as well as over 200 cards, 10 dice, and additional tokens. It's for ages 14+.

Contra: The Board Game will be available for pre-order from July 30th, 2020, and will release in Q1/Q2 of 2021. You can find more information about it, and will be able to pre-order from the Blacklist Games site

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