Black Mirror board game Nosedive lets you live out its social media nightmare – for fun!

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16 November 2018
black-mirror-nosedive-00231.jpg Black Mirror: Nosedive
Rate your friends (while you still have them)

The dystopia of Charlie Brooker’s satirical TV series Black Mirror might not seem like the obvious choice of inspiration for a lighthearted party game, but upcoming game Nosedive plans to show the fun side of our inevitable nightmare future.

Based on the third-season episode of the same name, in which people have the ability to rate each other on social media and have their social standing and quality of life determined by their overall ranking, Nosedive will task players with achieving the “perfect life” while avoiding earning poor reviews from the rest of the group.

To really bring it all home, the board game will include a free companion app for smartphones, which offers up over 1,000 different experiences for players to tackle, hoping that their decisions increase their social score and collect lifestyle cards. Players will be able to rate each other based on which experiences they give and are given.

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Despite what sounds like a recipe for ending friendships, the 45-minute game for between three and six people is described as being “engaging, interactive and accessible”. After all, if Black Mirror has taught us one thing, it’s that social media is only a force for good, right?

Nosedive will be out is the US on November 25th, and will cost $20 (£16). A UK release is yet to be dated by publisher Asmodee.


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