Billionaire Banshee’s first big expansion looks like a dream second date

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21 March 2017
b38d09bd7845904cbc8510cd6f50a8a4_original-67053.png Billionaire Banshee's first expansion
Party game where players vote to date or deny based on a perk and quirk also getting a NES video game adaptation

Prepare to fall in love with a bizarre mix of perks and quirks all over again as party game Billionaire Banshee crowdfunds its first major expansion.

If you’re yet to make introductions with the game, Billionaire Banshee is a quick-fire party game themed around the idea of dating.

One player grabs a positive perk and potentially off-putting quirk card each round, before all the other players vote to either ‘date’ or ‘deny’ the proposed singleton based on their traits. These can range from refilling toilet paper the right way round but having fingers for teeth to being able to drink their breast milk to breathe underwater but having to put up with their flamingo legs.

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The first expansion will add 50 new perks and 50 new quirks, as well as 20 date or deny cards – plus some stickers of rabid animals. Because nothing screams ‘dream date’ like a foaming racoon.

As part of the expansion’s Kickstarter, the game’s creators have also decided to bring the game to the Nintendo NES video game console in the form of a working game cartridge that will work in a standard NES. The video game adaptation includes pass and play multiplayer and voice samples, plus a single-player variant. It’ll cost you $60 (£48) (plus around $15/£12 in shipping) to get the expansion and NES version.

The expansion on its own will set you back $15 (£12), with a release planned for May 2018. There’s also the chance to grab a copy of the standard box, plus the sexy- and Australia-themed mini-expansions.


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