Between Two Cities’ first expansion brings Capitals to the charming semi-co-op city-builder

04 May 2017
pic3531563-28289.jpg Between Two Cities: Capitals
Add-on planned for release this July

Between Two Cities is one of the more unique city-building games out there, requiring players to work with the people on their left and right and balance the construction of two metropolises simultaneously.

It’s a charming little title, playing in under half an hour and allowing up to seven people to collaborate while trying to maximise the ‘livability’ score of their own cities, with only the lower score of your two layouts counted.

The 2015 release is about to get even more irresistible with its first expansion, Capitals, which introduces extra challenges to the gameplay as a result of players stepping their talents up to the thriving urban hubs.

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Landscape mats add the need to plan around specific layouts of terrain, while districts offer bonus points for linking certain types of tiles together. Meanwhile, civic buildings must be placed next to two specific types of tile, while avoiding another specified area.

The box will not be a standalone pack, meaning you’ll need to pick up the original Between Two Cities to play.

Between Two Cities: Capitals will be out this July – meaning there’s no Kickstarter.


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