Become the next President of the United States in Stefan Feld’s Revolution of 1828

16 November 2018
revolution-of-1828-49852.png Revolution of 1828
John Adams? I know him!

For one reason or another, in the last year or two you might have found yourself considering whether, actually, you might not be so bad at this whole running the United States thing. Well, now’s your time to find out.

Revolution of 1828 is the next game from Castles of Burgundy and Trajan designer Stefan Feld, and pits two players against each other in the race to the White House to become the next President of the United States. Well, ‘next’ in terms of 200 years ago, that is.

Facing off are John Quincy Adams (not that John Adams, Hamilton fans) and Andrew Jackson who must canvass for the public’s votes, using the sway of the media and their own public personas to triumph in the election.

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The game goes like this: players take election tiles that gather the support of electors and let them run smear campaigns against their opponent, pulling the advantage their way.

To seal their victory, Adams and Jackson can also use campaign actions to dodge the gaze of the media, propelling them on their way to becoming the seventh president of America.

The most votes by the end of the half-hour to hour-long game wins!

Revolution of 1828 is due to announce its candidacy and hit shelves next April, costing $30 (£23) in the US – or one and a half Andrew Jacksons.


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