Band of Brothers expansion brings its Epic Battles to Kickstarter

23 January 2017
d7daa0700b120fb27bf664fdb53d76dd_original-71507.jpg Band of Brothers: Epic Battles' snow map
Add-on for historical WWII wargame includes four scenarios and two-by-three-foot board

Worthington Publishing has taken to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to make the next expansion for its Band of Brothers series a reality.

Epic Battles' first pack introduces four new scenarios to the WWII wargame designed to be played using the included two-by-three-foot game board, which features snow (making it the first such snow map for the game) and summer environments on each of its sides.

Also in the $45 (£36) pack is a sheet of new battle counters for Waffen SS units, American M26 Pershings, captured T34s, Lend-Lease variations of the Stuart and Lee tanks, Russian SU152s, anti-tank dogs, and ‘dug-in’ status markers, plus two sheets of existing counters pulled from the previous Ghost Panzer and Screaming Eagles releases, and specific rules for the four new missions.

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As you might guess from an expansion, you’ll need to own either the Ghost Panzer or Screaming Eagles entries from the Band of Brothers series to play the Epic Battles using the rules, aid cards, status markers and dice.

The battles include conflicts set from late 1941 to mid-1944, with three set in Russian territory and one in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge.

Worthington has already smashed its $2,500 (£2,006) goal by gathering close to $18,000 (£14,443) – the campaign will run until February 7th. As well as offering the expansion on its own, bundles are available featuring the previous Band of Brothers games.


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