AwSHUX Spring Begins Today

23 April 2021
Grab your laptop and your favourite chair, it begins today!

What is it?

Well, this is the digital version of AwSHUX, from the people over at Shut Up and Sit Down, a hugely popular Youtube channel offering us fun board game reviews. If somehow you haven't come across them yet, you're in for a treat – check out their YouTube Channel here. It's free to attend.

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When and Where?

AwSHUX is running from April 23rd (today, if you're reading on the date this is posted!) to April 25th, 2021. It'll be available on a unique site that you can check out here, from 4pm GMT, 11am EDT, 8am PDT. You don't need to sign up to anything, but you're welcome to join their discord, create a Twitch account to interact with them, and you can even play games on Tabletopia with free access for the weekend. 

What can we do?

AwSHUX is all about trying to create the fun of the community, and so it welcomes you to join in on chats through discord and its twitch stream. Speaking of which, they've been experimenting with play methods over twitch, and you'll be able to join in with those in a single one twitch channel over ten hours of video for the three days. That's going to include play alongs that you can take part in, live plays and demos, and panels and podcasts. You can play games for free with Tabletopia, who will have full staff on hand to knock down any barriers to entry. Plus, you can win games by playing games!

What can we see?

It's a huge weekend for all publishers, so there's going to be even more from others - for example, Osprey Games have streams on each of the days, but you can find more about those on their social media, and keep an eye out for some of the brilliant names that are involved across the industry over this weekend. 

PLUS: Our very own Editor of Tabletop Gaming Magazine Chris Eggett will be playing Villagers with Sinister Fish at 7pm (GMT) today! See the Stand (From 4pm) and join them on Twitch at 7pm.

It's going to be a fun weekend, so head on over to AwSHUX site at 4pm GMT, pick yourself up a few bits from their merch site, and enjoy!

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All very exciting - can't wait! Good luck with it all.

Posted by Gareth Mottram on Fri 23 Apr 14:42:29