Atlantis Miniatures

13 July 2018
Ogre_KS_EliteBox_Small-64768.jpg Range
Atlantis Miniatures have just released their latest.....
Atlantis Miniatures Images


Atlantis Miniatures have just released their latest Kickstarter 'Ogres' featuring a wide range of 28mm Resin Ogres.

They have hit their funding requirement in the first day and are now tackling the stretch goals! Stretch goals include interesting pieces like the Ogre King, a Butcher and an Ogre Pet! We can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.


The female ogres are also worth mentioning. I'm not sure whats more intimidating; the Male ogres or the females!


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In the campaign, their best offer is the 'Elite Box' featuring everything currently shown in the release.


Click the link below to check out the wide range of Ogre Miniatures!

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