Asmodee To Sell For €2.75 Billion to Embracer Group

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15 December 2021
Catan and Ticket To Ride to share an owner with Saint’s Row and Goat Simulator

Asmodee, the owner of Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Catan is set to be sold for over €2 Billion, according to financial press releases and the odd tweet.


Asmodee was sold to French investment firm PAI in 2018 for with a valuation of €1.2 Billion, in 2021 PAI began looking for a new buyer – and they’ve found one in the form of Embracer.


But who is Embracer? Embracer is a Swedish video games holding company, previously with connections to publishers like THQ Nordic. Their stable of games includes the likes of Saint’s Row, Borderlands, and Goat Simulator.

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For many, this is good news – rather than a potentially unrelated venture capital firm taking over the world’s largest distributor of games, a company with some chops in the gaming space (albeit digital) seems like the best outcome.


Asmodee has recently brought even more publishers into the fold, with Pan B joining the company alongside Next Move and Eggertspiele. Asmodee Digital has also been releasing many additional digital versions of gaming classics from the analogue titan.


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