Arkham Horror: The Card Game scenario Curse of the Rougarou is no longer an Arkham Nights exclusive

18 November 2016
uahc09_box_left-56794.png Curse of the Rougarou was given to Arkham Nights attendees
Expansion for new LCG was debuted at October event held in US

If you’ve picked up the recently-released Arkham Horror card game spin-off and already blown through the missions included in the core set, you might be interested to know Fantasy Flight has released a new scenario for the title.

Curse of the Rougarou is a standalone adventure for the game that was previously launched at FFG’s Arkham Nights event back in October, which was held over two days at its Games Center in the US.

Everyone that went along to the event was given a free copy of the pack, which includes 62 cards and an original murder mystery scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game that takes place in New Orleans and Louisiana.

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Obviously, it’s a bit of a distance to travel for a single pack of cards if you live over here in the UK, but luckily Fantasy Flight has made Curse of the Rougarou available for general purchase over at its online store.

The pack costs $15, and you’ll need the base Arkham Horror: TCG set to play it.


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