Aquelarre RPG Out Now!

29 May 2020
At last, our time has come

Once upon a time (25 years ago) in a land (not so) far far away (Spain), there existed a popular RPG book named Aquelarre. For years, it remained out of reach to the English speakers, labelled the “best RPG not available in English”. However, to give us the fairy tale ending we deserve, we’re excited to see Aquelarre is now available to purchase in English, giving us the chance to delve into its exciting fantasy RPG world.


The original RPG was by Spanish publisher Nosolorol, who ran a successful Kickstarter with this in mind.  After 25 years the game has now been translated for our enjoyment, and distributed by Chaosium.


Aquelarre will feature a highly illustrated 500 page book, with a selection of supplements and gaming aids. You can purchase in physical media the Core Rules, Brevarium (players book), and GM Screen. Available in PDF will be the core rules, Brevarium, Medievalia, Fatum Sperantia, Character Sheet, and introduction – where the latter two are free to download.


Of the game itself, it’s a fantasy RPG set in its title, Aquelarre. You’ll find the expected character creation, game system, and magic system, as well as details on the medieval setting, the cosmology of angels and daemons a bestiary.


You’ll begin in one of the five kingdoms Castilla, Aragón, Granada, Navarra, or Portugal. After this, you’ll find your culture dictated by your region ­– Arabian, Basque, Castilian, Catalan, Jewish, Muslim, and more. And then, of course, your social position and family occupation will affect your social mobility. Plus, your personality will play into the game, with the example given of the rationality/irrationality, which determines “how attuned a character is with the Irrational world, how capable with magic, and how susceptible to it. Rituals of faith depend upon a high Rationality instead. Advantages and Disadvantages help to round characters out.”

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The game is popular for a reason, and it’s been heavily researched and contains a great deal of detail on medieval life – with the addition of course, of angels and demons. You can pick it up over on Chaosium.



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