App? Expansion? Mysterious 7 Wonders announcement teased for July

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15 May 2017
18155837_1770023349705088_6491536705347171535_o-77875.jpg 7 Wonders
Both long-awaited digital port and Armada add-on, as well as newly-detailed Anniversary Pack, suggested as focus of summer reveal

A cryptic post on the 7 Wonders Facebook page has fuelled rumours of the long-awaited release of the game’s digital version – as well as the possibility of a new expansion for the beloved card game.

The image simply displays the date ‘07.07.17’ – July 7th – with the accompanying comment only saying that “The party is being prepped!”

The sudden reveal has set fans abuzz with the suggestion that the date could mark the launch of 7 Wonders for iOS after more than three years in development, having originally been scheduled for a release in spring 2014.

Developer Repos Production said back in February that it would offer more information on the app in the second half of 2017 – which would line up with the mysterious unveiling in July.

Another explanation may be the launch of 7 Wonders’ fifth expansion, Armada, which was originally detailed as far back as 2011 but is yet to hit tabletops, with designer Antoine Bauza stating late last year that he was intensifying his efforts on finishing the add-on – meaning a full reveal or release in July might be on the cards.

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A third possible answer comes in the form of a recent tweet from Bauza about an ‘Anniversary Pack’ for 7 Wonders, which the creator said he was currently in the midst of proof-reading.

Bauza offered further details in replies to tweets from fans, revealing that the set will be another new expansion for the game and confirming that it will be different and separate to Armada.

For the moment, that’s all the clues we have – we’ll know for sure at the beginning of July.

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