Ankh: Gods of Egypt is the finale to Eric Lang’s Blood Rage and Rising Sun ‘mythic’ trilogy

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05 August 2019
ankh-gods-of-egypt-11320.jpg Ankh: Gods of Egypt
Ra-dy, Set, go

After the Norse Ragnarök of Blood Rage and the Japanese kami clashes of Rising Sun, designer Eric Lang has revealed the third and final board game in his ‘mythic’ trilogy: Ankh: Gods of Egypt.

Like Blood Rage and Rising Sun, Ankh takes its inspiration from ancient mythology. The Gods of Egypt are the players themselves, who must build up their followers and summon legendary creatures in order to maintain power in a world moving away from belief in the older deities – causing their rival gods to be forgotten.

Ankh’s gameplay is described as being completely “non-random”, with combat driving the jostling for control of a central map. Players can convert followers and earn more devotion, as well as building caravans and calling upon monsters – all represented by a whole bunch of miniatures, of course.

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The combat is said by Lang to be less direct than Blood Rage or Rising Sun, with players able to reshape the map during the game. Playing with two to five people, it’s also said to be a shorter experience than the designer’s two previous mythic games.

Returning to provide the artwork and miniatures for Ankh are illustrator Adrian Smith and sculptor Mike McVey, closing out their work across the entire trilogy after credits on Blood Rage and Rising Sun. 

“We all really poured our heart and soul into this game,” Lang said in the announcement. “It’s the finale of our trilogy of sorts, and we wanted it to really be something special.”

Following the crowdfunding success of Blood Rage and Rising Sun, Ankh will launch on Kickstarter later this year ahead of a release in 2020. 


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