Ankh: Gods of Egypt Goes Live on Kickstarter Today

14 April 2020
Starting to get a God Complex around the home? In Ankh, you’ll play as an Egyptian god, fighting to survive as the old ways are forgotten

It began, with Blood Rage, continued with Rising Sun, and now closes with Ankh. Launching on Kickstarter today from 8pm by CMON, Ankh is the final instalment in Eric M. Lang’s popular trilogy, continuing with beautiful artwork by Adrian Smith, and miniatures by Mike McVey.

Ankh sees you play as an Egyptian god, but as people are moving from polytheism to monotheism – and you’ll need to find a way to be the last god standing to win. You’ll build caravans, summon monsters, guardians, and convert followers to win in this game. You may even merge deities, much like Amun and Ra (who inventively became Ahmun-Ra) in Egyptian history.


This is a shorter game than the previous two, at an hour for four players, but with It comes heavier brutality. When we spoke to its creator, he explained "this game is a lot more immediate and a lot more in cinematic time." This contributes to its feeling of completing a trilogy, as it offers enough difference to do so, but you'll still want to play again and again.


In fact, we spoke in detail to Eric M. Lang about Ankh, his previous games, his journey and more, which you can read by clicking here.


The brutality of this game, mixed with being non-random, and some excellent theming and artwork, means you’ll really feel like the gods of old. “You’re a god,” says Lang, “So, I want you to feel like a god." With immortality, additional powers, and a towering figure, it already feels like that’s been achieved.


You can watch a trailer for the game below, which sets the tone for the game as an epic one, as well as showing off figures and the board itself.



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The game is for 2-5 players, and you’ll decide on a scenario to play within the game. You’ll aim to be the last god standing, but the scenarios will alter how you choose to play, and it's stressed that you’ll need to plan ahead to succeed.


Back Ankh on Kickstarter here from 8pm


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