Altiplano heads to new heights with first expansion The Traveler

31 July 2018
altiplano-traveler-09229.png Altiplano: The Traveler
Pack a bag

Reiner Stockhausen’s alpaca-packing bag of delights, Altiplano, is getting an expansion.

A spiritual follow-up to his Kennerspiel des Jahres-nominated bag-building hit Orléans set way above sea level in the Andes, Altiplano sees players making a living by gathering and trading food, cloth, cacao, wool and more, constructing buildings, and refining their randomised bag of goods over the course of the game.

We awarded the game our Editor’s Choice badge in our review, with Tabletop Gaming’s Dan Jolin writing that, once you overcome the initial complexity, “the result is a gorgeously colourful and component-rich game that’s also smoothly complex”.

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Altiplano: The Traveler will build on this sturdy base with a more interactive set of options when it comes to squabbling over resources. There’s also the promise that carefully planning moves will be more crucial than ever, but with plenty of sudden and spontaneous events set to occur, too.

The biggest addition is the titular traveller, who brings along new ideas and assets for players to purchase and use to boost their own income. Meanwhile, a public trading point lets the players trade rare goods for opals.

The expansion is due out this October – likely at Essen – and will cost $30 (£23) in the US. You’ll obviously need the original Altiplano box to play.


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