All Rolled Up Releases A New Edition of Award-Winning Cthulhu Hack RPG | SPONSORED POST

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16 November 2021
Second Edition aims to help gamers build a campaign even in the face of inevitable investigator demise
All Rolled Up Releases A New Edition of Award-Winning Cthulhu Hack RPG | SPONSORED POST Images

All Rolled Up is crowd-funding a second edition of the Cthulhu Hack role-playing game on Kickstarter. The campaign will provide a complete refresh for the existing game, written by Paul Baldowski. In addition, it expands it with fantastic new art from illustrator Paul Tomes, new guidance to the GM on campaigns, and a slew of new options and ideas.

Cthulhu is one of many terrifying creations of prolific writer H. P. Lovecraft. He published a vast body of weird fiction—including fantasy, science fiction and horror—mainly in the 20s and 30s.

What was missing from the tabletop role-playing market that demanded attention in adventures of Lovecraftian horror?

A simple game with a strong line into the cosmic weirdness of the source material that you could kick off in an instant. That's Cthulhu Hack.

It is a tight setup with only two mechanics that embrace the danger investigators face and their inexorable spiral into oblivion. Do you need a new character? Simple—the work of a few minutes—whether choosing a ready to play template or rolling something from scratch.

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All Rolled Up has created must-have handmade gaming accessories for 8 years and won multiple awards, including a gold ENNIE for Best Accessory.

In the last couple of years, All Rolled Up has diversified into small press publishing, including the release earlier this year of The Dee Sanction, a game of Elizabethan supernatural investigation. Now, they're crowd-funding a new edition of Cthulhu Hack on Kickstarter — which was funded on the first day and comes to a close on Sunday, 28th November.

It's time to grab your grimoire and stiffen the sinews to face down those who would seek to summon their dark masters from the trackless void and speed the Earth's destruction. The stakes might be personal, but the fate of the whole universe hangs in the balance.

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