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27 March 2019
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In Adventure Island up to five survivors shipwreck and embark on a perilous journey in hope to find their way home.
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All aboard to Adventure Island

In Adventure Island up to five survivors shipwreck and embark on a perilous journey in hope to find their way home. But first things first: After being stranded basic needs have to be taken care of, like finding a place to sleep or something to eat. A whole island has to be explored.

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Every player takes on the role of a different survivor. Everyone should know their characters strengths and weaknesses. This is fundamental as they have to work as a team in order to survive. Who will look for food, so the group does not starve? Who will oversee the building of a shelter? Who will explore the island to find new locations? Or maybe they would rather like to look for useful flotsam at the beach? The players should make the best of each and every day and plan carefully on how to put their individual strengths to good use. Because their days are numbered and the nights are dreadful. During this fight for survival the castaways need to act wisely and consider everyone’s actions together: every decision has direct consequences on the development of the story.

While the players actions drive the story by day, at nightfall everyone is just hoping that enough food is left. Disaster cards create additional tension. Every character has two moves to gather resources or explore the island. All players need to achieve a common goal to advance to the next chapter.

The cooperative, story-driven game by designers Michael Palm and Lukas Zach (The Dwarves, Talisman – Legendary Tales) will make the hearts of players beat faster. In five continuous adventures, they try to survive on the deserted island they stranded upon. With every game the atmosphere changes and so do the possibilities for the survivors. Sudden turns and unexpected encounters will lead to new options and decisions. Lea Fröhlich and Lisa Lenz illustrated the game with a sharp eye for every detail. Adventure Island pays tribute to the classical cast-away scenario. Players with some experience will quickly find their strategy and progress to more complex chapters. The narrative style and the cooperative gameplay make Adventure Island an extraordinary experience.

Adventure Island is now available to order at Meeples’ Corner ( and for a limited times includes an additional promo pack.


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