Airecon with Watch it Played Begins Today!

11 March 2022
Possibly the biggest gaming opportunity in Europe, Airecon in Harrogate begins its long weekend.

Plus – we're there today too!

Airecon is a fan favourite event taking place on 11th-13th March 2022 at the Harrograte Convention Centre, with a focus on getting together to play games. Named simply for the River Aire, in the same way GenCon is named for Lake Geneva, what began as a few friends over for a weekend of gaming has over the years become a huge gaming event from 2016 until now. After taking a break last year due to the pandemic, this years event has a palpable excitement at the opportunity to return to in person gaming, with an increase in footfall expected to 3000 unique visitors. Plus, it has the added fun of hosting Rodney, from Watch It Played.

Alongside a huge gaming area for people to find and play new games, or organise games of their favourite ones, is a bring and buy opportunity, as well as exhibitors and demonstrations. Those amongst exhibitors this year include Hachette Boardgame Uk, Lucky Duck Games, Sinister Fish, Zatu Games, and Travelling man, amongst many others. Specifically running demos at the event include Dissent Games, whose game is currently on Kickstater, Radical 8 Games, who you may recognise from the likes of Die of the Dead, and The Dark Imp, run by Ellie Dix, who also contributes to Tabletop Gaming Magazine. Plus, an RPG area allows you to join games of differing themes and systems, from a suspiciously familiar sounding Gotta Catch Em All 5E adventure, to a Nights Black Agents game of investigating the disappearance of The Lady...

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Airecon maintains a COVID policy that will continue to require use of masks, and an NHS COVID Pass to allow entry. 

If you're heading to Airecon, be sure to give us a shout and say hi. We'll be updating you with the exciting things we find there, and hoping to sneak in a game of Moon (new from the creator of Streets and VIllages!) or two...


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