Agricola designer’s next game is about growing fruits and vegetables in Iceland

12 December 2017
pic3877054-42881.jpg Reykholt
Uwe Rosenberg’s Reykholt ready for harvest next October

Uwe Rosenberg’s love of horticulture continues in the next game from the Agricola, Cottage Garden and A Feast for Odin creator: Reykholt.

Set in the titular west Icelandic village – which you’ll all of course know for being the home of 13th century author Snorri Sturluson – Reykholt is a game about growing fruit and vegetables using the island’s geothermal energy.

In an apparent break from Rosenberg’s recent fascination with tile-placement gameplay, Reykholt sees the designer return to worker placement mechanics, as players manage their farmers and produce to grow and harvest carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and more in a greenhouse.

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The idea is to capture the attention of visiting tourists, who will hand over their hard-earned cash for the greens.

That’s about all the details there are for the moment – minus a beautiful bit of box art from illustrator Lukas Siegmon – but we do know Reykholt will play in between half an hour and an hour with two to four people, making it a shorter farming sim than something like Agricola.

It’s planned for release at next year’s Essen expo in late October, meaning there’s plenty of time to shore up on your knowledge of soil types and propagation.


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