Age of Tyrants smashes through £20,000 Kickstarter target

26 January 2016
aot_cover_drawing-142-800-495-80-01481.jpg Age of Tyrants
Learn more about the 6mm sci-fi wargame featuring huge tanks and scores of infantry

With just over 20 days to go for its Kickstarter campaign, Age of Tyrants - the new 6mm sci-fi wargame featuring squadrons of infantry, huge tanks and more - has smashed through its £20,000 target and is now soaring towards the first stretch goals.

Age of Tyrants is set in the Draconis Alba galaxy, a futuristic alternative universe that has been in development for more than 15 years. The game is slick, with an intuitive command and control system inspired by combined arms warfare that allows you to pull together different parts of your army to focus on a particular target or objective.

There are four factions to choose from, each with very different play styles to suit your approach. Forces are simple, and easy-to-build. Models are all mounted on a standard 50mm square base. Four bases form a platoon and four platoons form a company which is the starting force for your game. Games of a company a side can be played on a four foot square gaming surface. Once you get the hang of the system you can try bigger games with more companies on larger tables.

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If this sounds like your thing you can even download the beta rules and use some proxy miniatures. To find out more, take a look at the Age of Tyrants website and then go check out the Kickstarter, which ends on 18th February.


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