After Spice Road and Eastern Wonders, Emerson Matsuuchi’s Century trilogy comes to an end with A New World

30 January 2019
century-a-new-world-17442.jpg Century: A New World
Includes a way to play all three games together

The third and final instalment in Emerson Matsuuchi’s Century series is crossing the Pacific Ocean to 16th century America.

Century: A New World follows 2017’s Spice Road, set along the silk road in the 15th century, and last year’s Eastern Wonders, which moved the cube-trading action to the ‘spice islands’ of Indonesia.

Once again players take on the role of merchants, this time exploring the lands of North America. There’s apparently an element of exploration and survival involved in finding the valuable goods required to trade with local inhabitants this time around, with hunting, gathering and recording their findings in a journal mentioned as elements of the gameplay.

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As with Spice Road and Eastern Wonders, A New World can be played by itself, or it can be combined with either of the previous games individually. All three together can also be mixed in a single unified mode akin to the From Sand to Sea rules in Eastern Wonders’ box.

Eastern Wonders illustrators Chris Quilliams and Atha Kanaani return to bring Matsuuchi’s gameplay to life, with the entire trilogy forming a single panorama when the covers are placed side-by-side.

A New World’s play time is said to be in line with the previous games’ half-hour to 45-minute length, although it’s not clear whether combining the games will result in a longer experience.

Century: A New World is due for release at this year’s Origins game fair in the US, which takes place between June 12th and 16th.


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