After almost a three-month delay, Bloodborne: The Card Game is finally out in the UK next week

27 January 2017
pic3297526-14108.jpg Bloodborne: The Card Game
Licensing issues held up Eric Lang’s adaptation of the acclaimed PS4 video game

Alright, you can stop holding your breath; Eric Lang’s card game spin-off to PS4 video game Bloodborne has finally been confirmed for release in the UK next week, close to three months after it came out in the US.

Bloodborne: The Card Game launched in North America on November 11th, with the game remaining mysteriously absent in the UK despite its planned release – publisher Cool Mini or Not later confirmed to TTG that licensing issues had held up the distribution of the game outside of the region, with a rescheduled date promised “very shortly”.

No news arose for the remainder of 2016, but Tabletop Gaming can now reveal that Bloodborne: The Card Game will be released in the UK next Friday, February 3rd. It’ll cost £32.99.

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That’s the good news. The bad news is that it looks like the game has already sold out ahead of its release, but no word on if or when additional copies will make it over to these shores. Obviously, we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

UPDATE: We've since been told by the game's UK distributor Esdevium that the run of Bloodborne: The Card Game copies arriving in the UK next week (which already seem to be sold out) are likely to be the only copies to ever make it to the UK due to ongoing licensing issues. Best hunt it down quick or prepare to pay import costs from the US if you're desperate to play!


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