A Good Year for Pokemon and Wizards of the Coast, With Profits All Round

11 February 2022
It's the year of the tabletop

Ahead of changes in financial years, new figures are being reported on successes found within the tabletop industry. Both Wizards of the Coast, and The Pokemon Company have reported significant increases in revenue in the last year. 

Wizards of the Coast took $952 million in tabletop game sales in 2021, as reported by ICv2. The sales, which when including digital gaming revenues saw the company reach over $1 billion in total sales for the first time. This includes that such as Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Duel Masters, and HeroQuest, and contributing to parent company Hasbro's overall growth of 42% increase in sales. Increases are expected to continue further, with a Magic: The Gathering animated series in the works, as well as the D&D Live Action film over the course of the next financial year. 

Similarly, though with fewer specifics, The Pokemon Company International also reported an increase in sales across Europe within its Trading Card Game and toy ranges, as reported in Toy World Mag. This of course was the year in which Pokemon celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Celebrations Set, proving particularly popular. It reported being the highest year on year sales increase of all listed properties in UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with its highest ever annual position in both Germany and the UK, with 78% growth in the latter. 

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There's more to be seen however within the coming year, with Brilliant Stars releasing at the end of February featuring the new VSTAR mechanic, which will also offer a new Battle Academy and theme decks alongside it, plus the earlier launch of the Pokemon Centre UK website, suggesting big plans are to come. 


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