A Feast for Odin’s first expansion adds a trio of new lands to explore

18 October 2017
zm7397_mini-exp_sample-37334.png A Feast for Odin: Lofoten, Orkney and Tierra del Fuego
Mini set introduces two exploration boards with Lofoten, Tierra del Fuego and the Orkney Islands

Uwe Rosenberg’s well-stuffed Viking masterwork A Feast for Odin isn’t quite full up yet, as the first expansion for the grand simulation of Norse life has just been announced.

The set is more a side dish than an extra course, comprising of a mini-expansion that introduces three extra regions for players to settle.

Two exploration boards depict the archipelagos of Lofoten and Tierra del Fuego, as well as the Orkney Islands, with the usual mix of bonus income, victory points and bonuses as A Feast for Odin’s standard islands.

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The Orkney land comes with an extra boon, in the form of a weapon card to be used when hunting or trading.

While history pedants might point out that Vikings never landed in Tierra del Fuego, the region’s inclusion is in fact an homage to the game’s German publisher Feuerland, as both roughly translate to ‘Land of Fire’ in English. The board is double-sided with day and night variants, with the night side including the ship of famed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who is said to have named the area after the fires he saw burning onshore.

A Feast for Odin: Lofoten, Orkney and Tierra del Fuego will be available at Essen next week, and should be arriving on shelves in the following weeks for those who can’t make it to the German fair.


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