A decade after it was released, Jamaica is getting its first expansion

29 November 2016
pic3149623-55972.jpg The Crew adds characters with unique powers
The Crew add-on for 2007 game adds new characters with special abilities

2007 pirate-themed race game Jamaica is getting its first proper expansion ten years after it was first published.

Co-designer Bruno Cathala began teasing Jamaica: The Crew earlier this year, but has now confirmed that the add-on will be launch in spring 2017.

True to its name, The Crew adds a roster of new characters to Jamaica that can be hired when paying the fee of a harbour and loaded like the other resources in the game, presenting a tactical choice of which to load up on.

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Each character has a unique power, with many offering the opportunity to gather extra gold. The additional abilities are said to not majorly impact the game’s existing rules.

The Crew is Jamaica’s first ‘full’ expansion, following a free promo pack of three treasure cards released in 2008.


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