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06 October 2020
The list keeps going

The benefits of being an RPG player cannot be stressed enough when within lockdown. Though moving online may have taken some adjusting (some were doing it anyway!), it's probably the easiest of game forms to translate to zoom calls. If you're a Starfinder or Pathfinder player, that gets even better, as Paizo have confirmed their October releases, of which the list very much just keeps going. 

The releases are in two waves, with the initial being October 14th 2020.

First up, is under Pathfinder Lost Omens, in the world of the Pathfinder RPG, offering world guides to set up new character options and more. With that, comes the Pathfinder Society Guide, which "throws open the gates on one of the biggest adventuring associations on the world of Golarion", giving you the option to ally or oppose the intrepid scholars.

Within Starfinder Adventure path, we have the concluding volume of The Devastation Ark Adventure Path, with Dominion's End. It includes the adventure, a catalogue of technomagical relics, an archive of alien level creatures, and statistics and deck plans for a robot crewed carrier. 

Similarly, within Pathfinder Adventure Path, the monthly release of Agents of Edgewatch sees Assualt on Hunting Lodge Seven, continuing a complete adventure for 12th to 15th Level Characters

New in accessories comes the Pathfinder NPC Battle Cards, with 110 reference cards for NPCs mentioned within the book, then the Pathfinder Advanced GM Screen - with another including Paizo exclusive artwork- Starfinder Threefold Conspiracy Pawn Collection, Maps including the Starfinder Bigger Pirate Ship, and Pathfinder Flip-tiles: City Starter set.


Finally, coming on October 28th are the following:


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For Pathfinder Society, you can look forward to Shadows and Scarecrows, a Pathfinder Bounty designed for Level 1 (and perhaps a little spooky in time for Halloween!). There's also Balancing the Scales, for Levels 1-4, whereby the Sewer Dragons reach out to the Pathfinder Society about a missing contact, and what follows is a whole entangled mystery, as well as The Crashing Wave, for levels 3-6, where the Society's friends at the Monastery of Unbreaking Waves are faced with a horde of sea devils. 

From Starfinder, we have Frozen Ambitions: Freeing The Herd for levels 1-3, and Live Adventure Extreme! for levels 5-8. 

Finally, there're Warrens Above, Warrens Below, for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society. 


There was a period through lockdown where fewer releases were being announced out of concern for availability and more, so it's great to see a list of frequent announcements to keep us topped up with our gaming habits! And whilst these are US announcements, they can be ordered online, or throughout own FLGS. 





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