7 Wonders’ previously iPad-only app is now out on Android and iPhone

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20 December 2017
Untitled-1-22193.jpg 7 Wonders app
Smartphone version free if you already own it on your tablet

7 Wonders’ hotly-anticipated app arrived with a bit of a mixed reception last month, as the excitement of having waited literally years for the digital port to launch was quashed by the news that it would only be on iPad – at least for the time being.

Happily, that’s no longer the case, as 7 Wonders has now arrived on both iPhone and Google’s Play store for Android phones and tablets.

The iOS version is a universal app, which means if you’ve already picked it up on iPad you should get the smaller-screen version for free. (In our experience, we had to go through the normal purchasing process before it told us it was a free update.)

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The latest patch also fixes a loading bug and tweaks the user interface a bit – presumably to suit its new home on diddlier displays.

The Android app also runs on screens big and small, costs a fiver like its iOS counterpart and includes the same digitally-enhanced features, such as seven-person online multiplayer and offline play against AI.

A digital port of 7 Wonders was first announced way back in early 2014 and planned for release that spring. Subsequent years saw multiple delays and the complete redevelopment of the app in 2016, before appearing back on the radar earlier this year with a beta test.


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