6 nimmt! celebrates its 25th anniversary with an expanded special edition of the card game

07 January 2019
6-nimmt-25-jahres-54528.jpg 6 nimmt! 25 Jahres
Age is just a number

A special edition of Wolfgang Kramer’s card game 6 nimmt! is on the way to mark 25 years since it made its debut.

The Deutscher Spielepreis-winning title will return in 6 nimmt! 25 Jahres, an expanded version of the simple but tricky game that sees players claiming number cards from central rows, hoping to have the fewest points by the time the game ends.

Joining the 104 numbered cards from the standard set will be 28 new action cards that can be used to play a new variant. Only two rounds long, the alternate rules hand players three special ability cards that can be deployed to start a new row, move cards between rows, replace cards, block or extend rows, and more. Unplayed cards persist between the rounds, which end when all cards have been played.

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Otherwise, the rules remain the same: players simultaneously pick and add a card to the rows, reluctantly taking all the cards in a line for themselves when a sixth card is added. After the two rounds – rather than the usual game-end trigger of one player going over 66 points – the lowest total wins, like normal.

The alternative ruleset will work with 6 nimmt!’s existing player count of two to ten people – another gameplay variant varies the number of cards used with differing group sizes, and can be played using the standard pack as well as this new edition.

6 nimmt! 25 Jahres is due out later this year. An English version is yet to be announced – but with all the cards being language-independent, you should be able to play in the meantime if you’re hankering after a copy.


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