28mm metal American Civil War Union soldiers in winter gear brave the cold on Kickstarter

20 February 2017
743df61a86be11870e951ed5d0f4096b_original-13608.jpg Some of the marching troops
Mounted generals and more planned should campaign pass stretch goals

A series of miniatures portraying Union soldiers from the American Civil War have popped up on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The set of marching troops, all of which are metal and in the 28mm scale, are clad in great coats, protecting them from the cold.

Among the available models are colour bearers, musicians, NCOs and officers, starting at $15 (plus $15 in postage) for 12 random figures. A 20-strong regiment pack includes an officer, musician, NCO, a pair of flag bearers and 15 soldiers for $25 (plus shipping), while the $75 brigade set increases the headcount to 60. At the very top end of the scale is the $1,900 army pledge, which includes 1,620 marching figures plus 27 mounted officers.

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If the campaign reaches $3,000, creator Stephen Huckaby will also sculpt and produce mounted generals from the Eastern Theater, including General Ambrose Burnsides, Union commander at Fredericksburg, and General Thomas Francis Meagher, commander of the Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg.

Hitting $4,000 will unlock Western Theater generals in great coats, such as General U.S Grant, General William S. Rosecrans and General George Thomas.

Union attacking and firing poses will appear at $6,000 and $8,000, respectively, with a final stretch goal at $10,000 adding United States Coloured Troops marching in their winter gear.

It may seem an ambitious target, but the campaign has already got off to a flying start, raising just shy of $1,000 in a day. The models will be available until the end of the campaign on March 21st.


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