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12 August 2016
13886862_1148853658518461_2815956984113774875_n-87154.png Strategy
We speak to organiser Rob Hooley about the 24 hour gaming event

Strategy is the new 24-hour gaming event being held in Telford across the August bank holiday weekend. Promising a venue that will be open all hours and plenty of high profile tournaments, we spoke to organiser Rob Hooley to find out more about the show and what visitors can expect.

Can you briefly tell us what the Strategy event is all about?

Strategy is all about table top gaming, be it card games, miniatures, RPG's or board gaming. The aim is to create a table top show with space to run both large and small events without time constraints, showcase new games and products and give people a destination to share and enjoy their passion. 

The UK already has some pretty big gaming events (Salute, UK Games Expo, etc.), why did you feel there was a need for another show? What will make Strategy different to the existing events?

Being 24 hours gives visitors and event organisers more flexibility in what they're doing, visitors can do things at a more relaxed pace and event organisers are able to create and run things which normally would require them having their own venue. Strategy gives everyone the space and time they need to do what they want to do.

How are you hoping to attract board gamers?

We're speaking with several of the companies who attend GenCon to try and make available some of the new or not-even-out-yet games for people to be able to come down and play, even if the company is unable to attend the show themselves (quite a possibility for some of the smaller companies based in the US!). The show was deliberately positioned after GenCon so that games that we could try and bring games over that everyone is talking about, but that not many people in Europe would have been able to see.

How are you hoping to attract miniature gamers?

By being able to offer lots of different miniature events and demos of games they may not have seen played. Again, it comes down to having the space - and time - to be able to offer a broad range that should interest miniature gamers.

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What have been the difficulties of organising a big show like this?

Event logistics! Many, many events, some quite large. We have several large scale CCG/TCG tournaments happening for most of the major card games.

You’re offering people the chance to game 24 hours a day in the venue, why did you want to do that? Do you think some will people will try and game for as long as possible?

I believe some people will game into the early hours, we wanted to create a show where it doesn't matter if you want to spend all night clearing out an orc dungeon, or having just another game of your favourite board game. The show is all about letting people enjoy their hobby and sharing their passion for gaming. I know several ccg players who will happily sit and play all night!

You’ve teamed up with Battlefield Hobbies for the miniatures-based tournaments… what are the advantages of working with a company like Battlefield?

They know their market, they know the games, and they know what the players want. They've brought great insight to the table and working with many of the major miniatures companies they've been able to bring some great events to the show. We'll be able to announce soon what they're bringing to demo and show, on their booth which I'm told will be awesome!

The people behind Strategy (MCM) currently organise comic cons across the country… ideally can you see Strategy events being rolled out throughout the year in venues around the UK?

That would be great wouldn't it! Looking to the future this may be something that could be rolled out once Strategy is established, although the goals of large space gaming and 24 hour opening may be harder for more frequent events.

To buy your tickets, head to the Strategy website and we’ll keep you informed about any new announcements for special events or tournaments at the show.


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