Nerdcastle RPG

A friendly, welcoming and unaffiliated TTRPG club in Central Newcastle.

Welcome to Nerdcastle RPG Club! We're a TTRPG group based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and close areas! This server is here with the purpose to provide TTRPG materials, a close-knit community, friendly faces and an all around good time! Feel free to have a chat with our growing number of awesome members, ask about the club, or have a chat with one of our staff team to see where you can get started! We meet every **Thursday** evening at **7pm** in the The Old George pub in Newcastle city centre, just off the Bigg Market! It's free to tag along, whether to play a game, have a chat or run a game of your own! Just make sure to grab a drink at the bar while you're there! We also offer the chance for online games, simply start a chat in the appropriate channels and see if any players are interested! Voice chats and text chats can be provided too! If in person is more your style, message on of our many game masters and see if they have slots available. Or come along to one of our regular social nights and pitch ideas for games or systems you want to run! Its a great time here at Nerdcastle, and we're very very happy to have you here too!

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Old George Yard Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 1EZ