Crookes & Crosspool Tabletop Gaming

Wargames (historical, fantasy, sci-fi), boardgames and cardgames played

Established in the summer of 2021, we're a tabletop gaming group, located at the award-winning Crookes Social Club in the (you guessed it) Crookes area of Sheffield (close to Crosspool, Walkley, Broomhill and the city centre). The club is open for gaming on Thursday evenings, 6pm - 11pm, where we can be found in the lounge. Nearby parking is free and plentiful and, for those of you taking the bus, the club is a 5-minute walk from a 52/52a bus stop. We're open to all ages and tabletop interests, whether it's a wargame, board game or card game - all are very much welcome! Attendees of the club play a vast and varied number of games, whether it's Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and even quirky and much-loved card and board games! So, please, come along, buy a drink - and get ready to roll some dice and/or shuffle some cards! PLEASE NOTE - it's free entry, though all punters are asked to buy at least one drink from the bar (after all, it's free entry!)

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Mulehouse Road Sheffield, United Kingdom, S10 1TD